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About the Atlas Network

A network of Atlas Agents and international partners.

As an agent of Atlas Van Lines, Alexander’s Mobility Services
is a part of a strong network of nearly 500 other Atlas
moving companies in the U.S. and Canada and hundreds
more partners around the globe.

Atlas Network

By combining our own resources with the power and reach of the Atlas Network, Alexander’s is able to move practically anyone or anything, anywhere in the world. Alexander’s is supported worldwide by a network of almost 500 Atlas Agents in North America and more than 800 partners in over 140 countries worldwide. Each of the hundreds of Atlas Agents in our network is locally owned and operated and held to the same high standards for customer satisfaction.

Atlas Van Lines, as an agent-owned van line, is dedicated to helping agents better serve customers on a local level. Every Atlas Agent, including Alexander’s, is equipped to provide the personalized attention and excellent customer care of a local business while also offering the breadth and consistency of service of a large mover that can transport goods anywhere in the world. This is what distinguishes the Atlas Network of movers, and it’s why both Atlas Agents and headquarters staff call this network the Atlas Family.

We’re proud to be a part of a strong network of the most trusted movers. Whether you’re moving your family long-distance or internationally, need to move one of your employees to another country for a work assignment, or you’re moving your business from one side of the country to another, you can count on Alexander’s. We partner with the Atlas Network to make your household move, commercial move, or specialized transportation and logistics project as smooth and efficient as possible.