Review from Kevin – Davis Junction, IL

//Review from Kevin – Davis Junction, IL

Last week I was relocated…by one of your excellent drivers, Dustin A. I meant to send this earlier, but as I’m sure you understand, relocating your family can be hectic. Anyway, I just had to send something with hopes that Dustin and his 1st class team would be recognized for going above and beyond for my family and I. I’d had a bad experience in the past with professional movers and was a little nervous trusting my belongings to strangers (broken stuff, mishandled fragile items, missing stuff, etc.). But, since it was a company move and paid by my employer it was hard to turn down.

Wow! I can’t say enough about how impressed and happy I was with Dustin and his team. They were prompt, very respectful and friendly. They were patient with my kids wanting to help or asking questions. They were very clean and careful with my belongings. We’ve been unpacking all week and my wife (who is very critical of how people handle her things) has yet to find 1 broken item! These guys were top notch and if I’m moved again, or know anyone moving, I will recommend and ask for these guys by name. Very professional team, and at the end I felt like we were all family, which is a pretty cool experience in itself. Thank you for the excellent service, and please see that Dustin is recognized for a job well done.

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